"The closest I’ve come to “harvesting” my food involves resetting the password on my UberEats account." is pure gold! 💛

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Ash...LOL. I grew up south of Boston (as you know) and my Dad and Mom were hunters. Pheasants, rabbit, and deer. We didn't have much money so it was a way to survive.

I remember the day my girlfriend Sue cut across my backyard to come over to play screaming hysterical, "Barbara, there is a dead dog bleeding and hanging in your back porch."

I giggled and with a sarcastic tone said "no its a deer and what I'll be eating all winter." For breakfast, lunch and dinner. Venison sausage, meatballs, meatloaf, steaks, stew and where ever else Mom could fit it in to our diet.

But here's the kicker. Dad did it himself "the butchering" and wasn't the best.

We'd find small fine threads of fur in our food. So picture my family of six (Mom, Dad and 4 kids)all eating dinner and picking fur out of our teeth.

Good times ...LOL

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Good grief woman - you are thriving in the countryside.

You are fearless, a badass, a farmer, a writer, and an adventurer who is also a sponge.

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Oh perhaps this wasn't the best afternoon for me, a lifelong vegetarian now vegan,to subscribe. Typical of me and my terrible timing 😂

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This gave me PTSD lol. I witnessed a few too many goats in Jamaica, hanging by their feet waiting to be slashed at the throat. They make a dreadful sound when it happens. My neighbors also did this to chickens in our shared yard. I made them tell me when butchering day was so I could leave the premises.

It's no wonder I nearly became a vegetarian Rasta near the end of my 15 years on the island 😂😂

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